History repeats itself. Pentagon in denial.

It is happening again. We all remember what happened in Roswell, and history repeats itself.

In July 1947, a remarkable event is said to have taken place on a farm near Roswell. The report of this caused world news for a short time. The press service of the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) stated in an official press release that a crashed flying saucer, a UFO, had been recovered (RAAF captures Flying Saucer, as stated in various American newspapers) …. But … A day later, a new communiqué came in which mentioned a crashed weather balloon. After that, things went quiet for more  than 30 years.

Now we see the same thing happening again.

Many of us may have probably noticed that, little by little, the pentagon was seeping out information about the eventual existence of extraterrestrial crafts visiting our planet.

They leaked videos of unknown flying objects, High-ranking persons within the pentagon came up with statements that they had material in their possession of unknown origin, and even the governor, who accomplished the financial aspect of the UFO program, said in a statement that “certain governments” were in possession of Alien technology, and that it was time to share this knowledge with the World.

But today, a Pentagon press spokesman, said that “the unknown flying objects, seen in the leaked videos, are likely to be Russian or Chinese spy drones.

For several years now, they have been leaking more and more information about the possible existence of Extraterrestial flying objects, and suddenly, out of nowhere, they say it are Chinese or Russian drones. Where does this sudden change of information come from? And where have we seen this sudden change of infomation before ?


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