∆ 1 alliance and HIVES
    1.0 HIVE is a group of castles next to each other and alt accounts and alliances can be mentioned with king permission and diplomat , and can stay in hive
must have a provided location for them alt alliances should stay only at the main alliance high castles !!
    1.1 a alliance must be at least 15 members to have a hive authorized
    1.2 alliance must make a hive at the high castle they hold !
    1.3 if they don’t have high castle they can make a hive by talking with LEADERS
    1.4 why hive is suggested ?
    1.4.1 to gather at a spot or place within range of 100 KM or more
    1.4.2 to make rallies
    1.4.3 big alliances holds more castles in order to make small hive at their castles when needed to collect more

    2 hives will not be attacked no events allowed to attack hives
    2.1 any allaince that have 1,500,000,000 power can have big castles

    3 level 5 nodes belong to the Royal alliance

    4 no alliance should gather in others territory , only if both are under friendly terms of exchange
if not , must send a mail for gatherers and if they gather again , you can attack them !!

    5 scouting is an act of WAR !!

    6.1 gather at your high castles
    6.2 you can gather at your high castles where you have hives
    6.3 gathering rules in alliance region is upto their duke who holds the highcastle
    6.4 gold and diamond gathering
    6.5 anyone from the top 5 alliances can gather two level 5 nodes at a time in the kl zone ,
only using second dragon skills !!
    6.5.1 no one should gather the gold 5 nodes in zone of royal palace !! they are for instant grabbing only
    6.6 if allowed you can gather level 5 nodes other than gold in royal palace region,
but should not leave any node without completing .
    6.7 if anyone other than KL alliance spotted gathering a gold 5, than instant collect ,, can be warned and attacked
    6.8 diamond mines are all over the server so no need to make unnecessary attacks on nodes !!
    6.8.1 using speedups to get diamonds from nodes which you see someone sending troops to gather is prohibited
    6.8.2 should not attack on any nodes !!

7 attacking
    7.1 attacks on hives are prohibited
    7.2 should not attack on nodes
    7.3 if anyone attacks a member in hive , the attacker’s alliance must repay with RSS to train back troops as a loss
and 1M gold (for each castle they attacked ) as fine !
    7.4 castles far from 5 sqaures of hive are considered out of hive ! and can be attacked ( not nodes )
    7.5 keep your player in your hive !!

8 intruders and merit hunters
    8.1 all alliances can work as one to attack them
    8.2 you can move to other alliance hive and attack them
    8.3 must be marked servant and while chasing , provide the location in server chat

9.0 cleaning for kvk
    9.0.1 any alliance member that is offline and not in bubble or not under truce before 1 hour of kvk will be attacked and zeroed
    9.0.2 respective dukes are responcible to let others clean them and notifying these rules

    9.1 use kvk chat not world chat
    9.2 should not gather in own server, attack anyone if you see gathering in 217 while kvk is going on
(if our players gather ,attack nodes and if opposite servers player gathers attack on both nodes and castles )
    9.3 point boost , hold as many castles you can and gather RSS at other server
    9.3.1 kill as many as enemies in opposite server player troops
    9.4 if you see any enemy players gathering in their kingdom , do not attack them !!
    9.5 help other alliance small players if they are under attack
    9.6 the time to return to hive after kvk is 24 hours that is the time while diamond mines are available

10 lord of lords
    10.1 gathering of level 5 nodes at KL is accepted
    10.1.1 return to hive after phase one of gathering
    10.2 no one should attack any hive or gathering nodes for lol phase 6 ,, you can attack anyone out of hive !!

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