Pentagon releases information about extraterrestrial life.

What just happened? Many people don’t seem to understand what just happened. Amidst the chaos and all the news surrounding the Corona Virus, the pentagon may have released the most important information ever. In particular, information about whether we are alone in the Universe or not. And according to the pentagon, we now know the answer with 100% certainty. But why now? Why was this information released now?


Among the thousands of news articles that we receive daily from all over the world in connection with the Corona Virus, there was suddenly an article about what the pentagon and the UFO department of the pentagon, after years of unknown objects have been studied, Has concluded about extraterrestrial life.

The chosen time to release that information was a well-planned choice. Due to the thousands of daily reports worldwide about corona, only a  few people are concerned about other information and noticed this really important article.

This is how governments are gradually releasing this information. And by releasing this information amid a global pandemic, they also know that they are reaching only a small fraction of the population with this information. And that is also the intention. Had they released this information before or after the pandemic, this information would grab the world’s attention.

The question of whether we are alone in the Universe or not has been answered with certainty by this information. Let’s run through what information the pentagon has released.

The Pentagon previously studied recordings of aerial encounters with unknown objects as part of a “classified program” set up in 2007 on behalf of then-US Democratic Senate faction leader Harry Reid. He is also a former Senator from the state of Nevada, where the Area 51 secret army base is located. But in 2012 the secret program – the “Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program” – ended because it was judged that there were other priorities that needed budgets. Only in December 2017 did the Ministry of Defense announce that until 2012 it had funded a secret program regarding research of UFO sightings.


Former head of the multimillion-dollar project, Luis Elizondo, told CNN in 2017 that he believes there is “compelling evidence that we may not be alone.” “These planes – let’s call them planes – have features that are unknown,” he said of the objects he had examined. Ex-Senator Reid tweeted on Monday that he is “happy” that the Pentagon has “finally” released the videos, but at the same time, he regrets that “this opens up only part of the investigation and available documentation.” “The US must treat this and all possible consequences for national security with the necessary seriosity and in a scientific manner. The American people deserve to be properly informed. ”


The three videos called “FLIR”, “GOFAST” and “GIMBAL” can be downloaded from the “Naval Air Systems Command” website. The fact that the Pentagon is now releasing the videos itself contributes to the legitimization of the images. Undoubtedly, it will only fuel speculation that humans may have come into contact with aliens.

“Open and clear communication”

Luis Elizondo led the research project on UFOs for ten years. He confirms that there is no longer any need to work in secret. “There will be open and clear communication,” it sounds. With all his expertise, he is convinced that “we are not alone in the universe”.

Harry Reid, an ex-senator from Nevada who arranged the financial picture of the UFO program, is of the same opinion. “I firmly believe that objects of unknown origin have already crashed on Earth. The government has such devices in its possession, so better investigate. It is very important that such results are shared with the general public. ”

“Look at that thing”

The pilots’ comments speak to the imagination. “My god. It’s going upwind. A west wind of 120 knots. Look at that thing! It’s spinning! ”Says one voice. In the other video, a pilot cheers. “Yes, I have it. Watch it fly! Wow. ”

David Fravor shot the third video (without sound) in 2004. Three years ago, the now-retired navy pilot stated that the object “moved in ways he couldn’t explain.”

“When I approached it, it shot south at lightning speed. And it disappeared in less than two seconds, ”he told CNN. “It happened extremely abruptly, like a ping pong ball bouncing off the wall. As if it hit something and was catapulted in the other direction. ”

Astrophyiscus Eric W. Davis has worked as a consultant for the UFO program since 2007. He also believes in the otherworldly. “In some cases, we have not been able to trace the origin of the material. We had no choice but to decide that those objects were not man-made. ”

Our conclusion: Some governments and companies know that we are not alone in the Universe, in fact, We already have contact with extraterrestrial life. The general public will be informed little by little. Why they do not fully disclose this highly sensitive information to the general public is mainly due to the many religions in the world. Man is simply not ready to make that big switch at once.


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