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“Not man-made”: Pentagon UFO team to release inexplicable sightings

The prestigious project in America to study UFOs more closely? Long shut down, the Pentagon said. However, it now appears that research into alien life has never stopped. What’s more, some of those inexplicable observations will now also be shared with the outside world, the New York Times said. “For some objects, we concluded that they could not have been man-made,” said astrophyiscus Eric W. Davis.

US Air Force pilots sometimes register “flying objects” whose origin is unknown. The Pentagon made it appear that those mysterious confrontations were no longer being investigated, but a government report now shows that money is still being pumped into the research program.

The main goal: to find out whether hostile countries are not using advanced cutting-edge technology to threaten the United States. Republican Senator Marco Rubio was worried this month about an unknown aircraft flying over a US military base. “Has China or Russia come up with anything new? Or is there a rather boring explanation for it? We have to find an answer to that. ”

“Open and clear communication”
Luis Elizondo headed the UFO research project for ten years. He confirms that from now on there is no longer any need to work in secret. “There will be open and clear communication”, it sounds. With all his expertise, he is also convinced that “we are not alone in the universe”.

Harry Reid, an ex-Nevada senator who managed the financial picture for the UFO program, is of the same opinion. “I firmly believe that objects of unknown origin have already crashed to Earth. The government has such devices in its possession, so it is better to investigate them. It is very important that such results are shared with the general public. ”

Three months ago, the Pentagon itself released three videos showing US pilots coming into contact with “unidentified flying objects” during training flights. They move so quickly through the air that the infrared cameras could only pick them up for a very short time.

“Look at that thing”
The commentary of the pilots appeals to the imagination. My god. It’s going against the wind. A west wind of 120 knots. Look at that thing! It’s spinning! ”Says a voice. In the other video, a pilot cheers. “Yes, I have it. Watch it fly! Wow. ”

David Fravor made the footage of the third video (without sound) in 2004. Three years ago, the now retired Navy pilot stated that the object “moved in ways he could not explain”.

“As I approached it, it darted southward at lightning speed. And it disappeared in less than two seconds, ”he told CNN. “It happened extremely abruptly, like a ping-pong ball bouncing off the wall. As if it hit something and was catapulted in the other direction. ”

Astrophyiscus Eric W. Davis has worked as a consultant for the UFO program since 2007. He also believes in the alien. “In some cases we have not been able to trace the origin of the material. We could not help but conclude that those objects were not man-made. ”