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Pentagon to publish report with never-before-released UFO reports: "We just don't have the technology for this"

The US Department of Defense will publish a report on June 1 2021 containing previously unreleased UFO reports. So said John Ratcliffe, the former director of the National Intelligence Service under President Donald Trump. “For some of the things we saw, we just don’t have the technology,” he told Fox News.

They make movements that we cannot imitate or for which we simply do not have the technology

“There are many more UFO sightings than just those that are made public,” Ratcliffe said. “They are done by Navy or Air Force pilots or picked up by satellites. We always look for a logical explanation first, but it cannot always be found. ”

Some of the unidentifiable flying objects do things that are difficult to explain, according to Ratcliffe. “They make movements that we cannot imitate or for which we simply do not have the technology. Or they move faster than the sound, without going through the sound barrier. ”

“The weather can create visual disturbances,” he continues. “Sometimes we also wonder if our opponents don’t have technologies that are more advanced than we thought.”

Last year, the Pentagon released three spectacular videos of UFO observations. They were done by US Navy pilots. As yet there is no explanation for what can be seen in the images.

The Pentagon set up a special unit in August last year to investigate UFOs. That unit is part of the US Navy, led by then Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist.