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US military releases secret footage of UFO spotted by fighter pilots

The Pentagon announced the day before yesterday that the US Defense Department has spent years pumping tens of millions of dollars into investigating unexplained aerial phenomena. Today, the US military is releasing images that had hitherto remained secret. This is a UFO that was spotted in 2014 by fighter aircraft pilots. According to one of those pilots, the mysterious craft accelerated “like nothing I’ve ever seen”. “I also want to fly with that”, he added.

The fighter pilots had been sent to investigate an unknown flying craft while it hovered off the coast of San Diego. The video released by the United States Department of Defense captures the response of the pilots tracking down the white oval craft. The recordings were studied by a secret team that investigated reports of UFOs between 2007 and 2012. Just a few days ago, the Pentagon announced that it was putting $ 22 million annually into Advanced Aviation Threat Identification. The images that have just been released show how in 2014 an object the size of a passenger plane was observed by two F / A-18 Super Hornets, fighter planes that had taken off from the aircraft carrier Nimitz.

No wings, rotor or exhaust plumes
Commander David Fravor and Lieutenant Jim Slaight were on a routine flight on a training mission when they were asked to investigate an “object.” The object was spotted by the warship USS Princeton and flew at an altitude of 2.4 km. The Princeton had been tracking mysterious flying objects for two weeks by then.

“Look at that thing, buddy,” says one of the pilots in the clip. “It’s spinning”. Fravor told The New York Times that the rig was about 40 feet long, “had no wings, rotor or exhaust plumes,” and was “big enough to touch the sea when it hung 50 feet above the water.”

“I have no idea what I saw then, I just know it accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen.” The pilots were then ordered to fly to a so-called ‘cappoint’, about 100 kilometers away. But they soon got a message over the radio that the rig had beaten them in speed. “We were less than 60 km away, but in less than a minute that thing was already at our cappointment”. The gear had disappeared by the time the pilots got there, after which they left the area. “It was faster than our F-18s. I want to fly such a thing,” said Fravor.

Mystery remains
The pilots’ superiors did not investigate the matter further and it remains unclear what exactly the pilots saw. According to experts, there is always an explanation for so-called UFO sightings, they warn that the lack of an explanation is not yet proof of extraterrestrial life.

The Pentagon stated that the UFO program was dropped five years ago because the government had different priorities. However, it is not clear whether such UFO sightings are still under investigation. According to those involved, the program continued to exist in a different form.

Funds for the Pentagon’s UFO program initially came primarily at the request of former Democratic Senate President Harry Reid, who is known for his interest in space phenomena.