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Americans took "stunning" samples of UFOs, but scientists stand for mystery

The Pentagon is successful to take samples from UFOs, but the metal alloys make scientists for a mystery. They don’t know the alloys, but one thing they certainly know: they have stunning properties. The samples are kept in Las Vegas, reports the New York Times.

Only recently the US Ministry of Defense announced that it investigated UFOs in secret between 2007 and 2012. Every year, 22 million dollars were pumped into that program, according to insiders the program will continue in a different form. Yesterday, the Pentagon released images that made two battle pilots in 2014 from a UFO that had surfaced off the coast of San Diego.

They have collected material from those unknown flying objects. In this way they hope that scientists can figure out how those ufos come to their amazing properties. But it is a kind of metal alloy they don't know

  • Ralf Blumenthal, researcher for The New York Times

“They have collected material from those unknown flying objects. They hope that scientists can find out how those UFOs come to their amazing properties,” says Ralf Blumenthal, one of the authors of the New York Times report to MSNBC. Blumenthal knows that the Pentagon still does not know from which material the samples are composed. “It’s a kind of alloy that they don’t know,” says Blumenthal.

Physical impact
Scientists have also studied people who claim that they have experienced a physical impact when observing unknown phenomena in the air.

A previously kept secret video of the Pentagon shows how combat spiles of the naval power surprised when they observe a mysterious flying object. That object had the size of a passenger plane and accelerated according to the pilots unseen hard.

“For the time being no one knows what it was”, says Blumenthal. “Researchers tried to figure out how those booms are driven and attempted to unravel their phenomenal aerodynamics, but they don’t get out of it.”

Extraterrestrial life? In all probability
The man who led the Pentagon research program to UFOs in the meantime say that extraterrestrial life is most likely.

Personally, I believe that there is very convincing evidence that we may not be alone in the universe

  • Luis Elizondo, ex-head of the Pentagon research program

“I personally believe that there is very convincing evidence that we may not be alone in the universe,” said Luis Elizondo last night at CNN.

Elizondo stated that he no longer works for the American government. According to the defense ministry, the program was shed in 2012, but The Times lists sources that make it still running.

“I can say that these devices have characteristics that we do not understand in the US and in the rest of the world,” Elizondo said.

Elizondo stated to The Times that he resigned in October as head of the research program and that a successor was appointed for him.