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Mysterious UFO footage stuns US Army pilots: "WTF is that thing?"

UFOs must be taken seriously. Christopher Mellon argues for that, who still worked for the American intelligence service under Clinton and Bush. Mellon complains in an opinion piece in the Washington Post about the release of new images of a mysterious flying object over the Atlantic Ocean.

The clip lasts two minutes and is sensational. Army pilots filmed a UFO from a US Navy F-18 flying at an altitude of 25,000 feet. “What the fuck is that thing?” shouts a pilot. The video was posted online by the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a private research company.

The released footage was shot on the US East Coast in 2015. How the research center got it, it did not say. But anyone could request them. Last year, two similar videos were made public.

According to Christopher Mellon, the videos “prove the existence of planes far above anything the US or its allies possess.” Mellon is an adviser to the To the Stars Academy and worked for the Secret Service under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. He thinks the government does too little research into such evidence: “If it is a mystery where those planes come from, then so is the government’s passivity to such evidence.”

He blames the military and the government for “seeing such incidents as isolated facts and not as part of a pattern that requires serious attention and investigation”. He compares that attitude in the Washington Post to the CIA and FBI’s efforts against terrorism before 9/11, when both services had information about the hijackers but kept it to themselves and didn’t share it.

Mellon wonders whether “Russia or China are technologically leapfrogging the US” or whether the images “could be evidence of an alien civilization.” He writes that Putin’s recent boasting about a Russian breakthrough in propulsion engineering may not be just a bluff. Mellons concludes: “Unfortunately we have no idea, because we are not even looking for answers.”