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It is quite possible that aliens will visit us at some point, claims NASA scientist

Extraterrestrial life, it remains a great mystery. Does it exist? And if so, also with us? According to Silvano P. Colombano, a professor who works for NASA, we have a far too narrow view of what aliens could be. According to him, it is quite possible that aliens have already set foot on our Earth and that we have missed them. He adds that not every UFO report can be “explained or denied”.

“I just want to point out that the intelligent life that we could find and choose to find us – if not already – may not be produced at all by carbon-based organisms like humans” , writes Professor Colombano. Aliens could therefore have a completely different chemical composition.

He certainly wouldn’t fall off his chair if it turned out that aliens are already well beyond human technology. That interstellar travel is within their reach, for example. “The enormous time differences in potential evolutions make the chance of technological ‘similarities’ very small,” says Colombano about the possible variety of life forms in our universe.

Tiny super intelligent entity
The professor advocates broadening our insights. He calls on physicists, on the basis of the known theories, to dare to go on the “speculative” tour, more on the scale of space. We must “rethink even our most cherished assumptions,” Colombano argues.

“Our typical lifespan no longer needs to be a limitation … and the size of the” scout “could well be that of a tiny superintelligent entity,” said the NASA scientist on interstellar space travel. He suggests the existence of much more advanced forms of extraterrestrial life, comparable to the human creation of ever more intelligent computers with which we enter into symbiosis. Just think of artificial intelligence.

Still among us?
The ways of communication in which we have always concentrated may also need to be revised, according to Colombano. Like radio waves, which could be completely outdated for aliens. Which in turn prompts the professor to think that aliens may have ever arrived on our earth, took a look here, and were soon gone again, out of disinterest. Or … they are still among us when we don’t even know how to communicate with them.