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UFO or foreign threat? American intelligence officer breaks silence

In 2007, America decided to invest in research into alien spacecraft: the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification (AATIP) would be called the program. Until 2017 there was an omerta about the mysterious UFO program, when information was first leaked. And now again a corner of the veil is being lifted by the former director of the AATIP.

In 2007, the US Defense Department set up a so-called UFO program to investigate unexplained aerial phenomena. Luis Elizondo was an intelligence officer and head of the program from 2007 to 2011, when he resigned out of dissatisfaction with the Pentagon’s handling of their findings. The former director of the program talks about these mysterious findings eight years after he left, in a documentary that can be seen in America from today.

In 2017, Elizondo broke the silence and confessed that the US Defense Department has been pumping $ 22 million (about 20 million euros) into the AATIP annually since 2007. Funds for the Pentagon’s UFO program initially came at the request of former Democratic Senate President Harry Reid, who was known for his interest in space phenomena.

The US military also released images of a UFO that was spotted in 2014 by a few fighter pilots. According to one of the pilots, the mysterious craft accelerated “like nothing I’ve never seen”.

Superhuman perceptions
Ultimately, the investigation did not lead to major breakthroughs – no conclusive evidence was found for the existence of alien spacecraft – Elizondo and his team did make some remarkable observations. For example, UFOs or unidentified flying objects were registered that reached speeds five times faster than sound. The G forces associated with such an acceleration of fall would be fatal to both humans and aircraft.

Five times faster than the sound
In comparison, the F16 Fighting Falcon, an American jet fighter, reaches its limit at around 9 to 12 g. The human body already reaches its limit at a maximum of 12 g. However, the unidentified spacecraft achieved G-forces of 400 to 500. “They had no engines or wings and seemed capable of defying gravity,” adds Elizondo.

Foreign threat
Some mysterious spacecraft became a little less mysterious after thorough investigation. In some cases, it turned out to be drones or missile tests. However, many other observations are still questionable.

That’s not necessarily a reason to believe in aliens, according to Elizondo. He says there is a second possibility, and it is perhaps even more troubling than the existence of aliens. After all, it could also be foreign threats, “strategic game-changers” according to Elizondo.

The American people may know that North Korea has nuclear missiles pointing towards Los Angeles, but they should not know that there is something in the sky that we don't know what it is?

  • Luis Elizondo, former intelligence officer and director of AATIP

That’s why the former intelligence officer is pushing to end UFO secrecy. “That secrecy reinforces the association with ridiculous stories. In reality, it could be a potential threat, ”said Elizondo.

“The American people may know that North Korea has nuclear missiles pointing towards Los Angeles, but they should not know that there is something in the air that we don’t know what it is?” Said Elizondo. “That seems counterproductive to me.”