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Pentagon is now itself releasing three leaked UFO videos taken by US Navy pilots

The Pentagon has released three high-profile videos showing US Navy pilots coming into contact with “unidentified flying objects” – UFOs during training flights. The grainy videos, which, according to the Pentagon, show “unexplained aerial phenomena”, have already been leaked. Now the videos have been officially “declassified” and shared with the general public. This immediately confirms that these are authentic images.

The gray, short, unclear, but sensational images began to circulate in 2007 and 2017 after an unauthorized leak. They show what navy pilots saw during training flights in November 2004 and January 2015. Two videos were previously published by The New York Times, the other video was released by a private organization. You can see how unidentified flying objects move through the air at lightning speed, they are only picked up by infrared cameras for a very short time.

It happened extremely abruptly, like a ping-pong ball bouncing off the wall. As if it hit something and was catapulted in the other direction

The comments of the involved pilots in the two videos from 2015 are particularly fascinating. They are clearly impressed by the speed of the objects and cannot believe their eyes. My god. It’s going against the wind. A west wind of 120 knots, ”says a voice. “Look at that thing!” It sounds. “It’s spinning!” In the other video, a pilot cheers: “Yes, I have it”, when he can grab it in his camera. “Watch it fly! Wow. ”

In 2017, retired Navy pilot David Fravor, who shot the 2004 footage (without sound), stated that the object he had seen “moved in ways he couldn’t explain.”

“As I approached it, it darted south at lightning speed, and it disappeared in less than two seconds,” he told CNN. “It happened extremely abruptly, like a ping-pong ball bouncing off the wall. As if it hit something and was catapulted in the other direction. ”

– One of the videos shows an elongated object moving very quickly and disappearing from view to the left after a sudden acceleration a few seconds after being spotted. In another video, an object emerges above the clouds. © Pentagon

The Pentagon says it is now deciding to release the footage “in order to dispel any public misconceptions about whether the circulating footage was genuine and whether there was more to the videos,” reads a statement by the public. Department of Defense.

“Following an in-depth investigation, the Department has decided that an authorized release of these videos will not reveal any sensitive capabilities or systems information, nor will it prejudice any subsequent investigations into unidentified aerial phenomena in military airspace,” the report said. It also sounds that the phenomena observed in the videos remain under the heading of “unidentified”.

The three videos entitled “FLIR”, “GOFAST” and “GIMBAL” can be downloaded from the “Naval Air Systems Command” website. The fact that the Pentagon is now releasing the videos itself helps legitimize the images. No doubt it will only fuel speculation that humans may have come into contact with aliens.

Secret program
The Pentagon previously studied recordings of aerial encounters with unknown objects as part of a “classified program” set up in 2007 at the behest of then US Democratic Senate faction leader Harry Reid. He is also a former state senator from Nevada, where the secret army base Area 51 is located. But in 2012 the secret program – the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program ‘- ended because it was judged that there were other priorities that needed budgets.

It was not until December 2017 that the Ministry of Defense announced that it had funded a secret program to investigate UFO sightings until 2012.

Former head of the multi-million dollar project, Luis Elizondo, told CNN in 2017 that he believes there is “compelling evidence that we may not be alone.” “These planes – let’s call them planes – have features that are not known,” he said of the objects he had examined.

Former Senator Reid tweeted Monday that he is “happy” that the Pentagon has “finally” released the videos, but at the same time regrets that “this only opens up part of the investigation and available documentation”. “The US must treat this and all possible consequences for national security with due seriousness and in a scientific manner. The American people deserve to be properly informed. ”