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Now we have proof that UFOs exist ": US Senator who starts research program is glad that secret was revealed

The United States now have “scientific evidence” that UFOs exist and this thanks to the secret research program that the Pentagon carried for years. That says the former senator who took the intitiative to launch such a program.

Harry Reid, former democratic senator, launched the ‘Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program’ in 2007 (Aatip) after he had obtained a budget. According to the ministry, that secret division of the US Department of Defense was stopped in 2012, but according to those involved it continues in a different form. In any case, the secret unity for documents to which observations are described from flying devices that extract extremely high speeds without however to show a trail of propulsion.

If such a movement take place in what we have at our disposal, everyone would immediately die in such a device. The occupants would not survive the G-power

  • Harry Reid

“If such a movement take place in what we have at our disposal, everyone in such a device would immediately die,” said Reid to class Channel 8, referring to the UFO spotted by two in 2014 off the coast of San Diego by two Fighter pilots of the American navy. “The occupants would not survive the G-strength.”

On the previously secreted images that were recently released by the defense ministry, can be seen how the pilots respond to the mysterious flying device that they had to explore.

Commander David Fravor and Lieutenant Jim Slaight performed a routine flight during a training mission when they were asked to investigate an ‘object’. The object was spotted by the USS Princeton warship and flew at an altitude of 2.4 kilometers. The Princeton then recorded mysterious flying objects two weeks.

“Look at that thing, size,” says one of the pilots in the clip. “It’s running.” FRAVOR stated to The New York Times that the rig was about 12 meters long, “had no wings, rotor or exhaust plumes” and “large enough to touch the sea when it is 50 meters above the water Hing “.” I have no idea what I saw then, I just know that it accelerated as nothing I have ever seen. “

Russia, China and Japan

According to Reid, which is known for its fascination for possible extraterrestrial life, countries such as Russia, China and Japan UFOs take serious and it is important that the US also does.

When he was asked if he is happy that the observations were made public, he said, “very happy, because now we have scientific prove that UFOs exist.”

Reid stated that the direction of AATIP was entered by the shock of the espionage services that the findings would end up on the front page of a newspaper. He also said that some officials had religious objections to the research program.

A large part of the annual budget of $ 22 million that received the AATIP went to a research company of a friend of Reid, the billionaire Robert Bigelow. They says “absolutely convinced” that UFOs have visited our planet. Reid denies that the company of his friend received a preferential treatment.